MFC Popley Youth

MFC Popley Youth is a local club dedicated to coaching boys and girls between the ages of Year Two and Year 11, it also has an 'All Stars Players' nursery for Year R and Year 1 children, to play football and provide the encouragement and opportunity to train.

MFC Popley Youth, founded in 2005 by Lee Austen, started out with one team and three players, but has since grown so much that, this season the Club has 16 teams playing in the Peter Houseman Youth League, Testway League and North East Hants League, coached and managed by the Club’s 15 FA-qualified coaches, with in excess of 150 players registered.

The Club is now recruiting for 'All Stars Players' so, if you would like your child to join, or if you have any further questions, please contact the All Stars Manager:



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